Structure and Property Assessment

At the heart of our services, is a
wildfire structure & property
assessment per the NFPA Certified
Wildfire Mitigation Specialist
(CWMS) program standards.

Property owners, whether private,
commercial or utility receive a
comprehensive report outlining
structure hardening activities that
will best prepare their assets to
survive wildfire.

All Metal Gutter Guards

Accumulating dry leaves pose a great risk of fire ignition, therefore CAL Fire is requiring the installation of metal guards in homes located in high fire risk zones. Brandguard Stainless Steel guards are the ideal solution to comply with the new legislation. Contact us for a free estimate.

Ember Vents

Flying embers are a leading cause of structure ignition during a wildfire event.

Any opening in a home is vulnerable to Embers

Vents are especially vulnerable- like an open window

ASTM E2886 & CA State Fire Marshall listed

New building codes are driving change and trickle down to existing structures through retrofit

AB38 includes home hardening measures and disclosure of wildfire vulnerability on transfer of property

Fire-resistant vents help your home protect itself.

The smallest spaces on a home can be the most vulnerable. Wind-blown embers fly for miles before the actual flames and can enter the home through attic vents or crawlspace vents. Combustible materials have the potential to ignite, essentially burning the home from the inside out.

Long-Term, Ground Applied Retardant

Phos-Chek FORTIFY single application, long-term retardant

Applied at the beginning of summer and remains

Phos-Chek LC single application, long-term retardant

Applied at the beginning of summer and remains effective up to 1/4″ of rain

Ideal for commercial, utility, homeowner, critical infrastructure, historical monuments, roadway infrastructure, roadway fire breaks and MORE…

Ember Protection Sprinkler System

If your home or business is located in a wildfire prone area you should consider installing the latest in ember protection to protect your most important assets.

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